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Keith Tripp

Keith Tripp

 Welcome to beautiful Toronto, home of ProVantage Property Inspection Inc., a Canadian-owned  home inspection company!

Whether you’re buying a house or  already own the house, you’ve come to the right place. As we approach the end 2021, homes are as costly and risky as ever.  In the greater Toronto Area, we are seeing a strong sellers market with bidding for homes being the norm. In this environment, buyers often are unable to have an inspection as a condition of purchase. Consider a post-possession inspection as the next best thing to a pre-purchase inspection. Be wary of inspections and reports done for the sellers as “prelisting” inspections, as these typically provide no protection to the home buyer.

If you are house shopping and want to make a firm offer without a home inspection, ask me about options for house-shopping consultations. These could involve me accompanying you on a visit to a house, or doing assessments based on online data.

As a professional home inspector in the Greater Toronto Area, I can provide you with a top-notch inspection and report. The ProVantage report has a reputation of providing powerful information to be used in ongoing negotiations and decision- making. Our electronic reports are probably the best you can get. With 14 years in the business, we have never seen a competitor’s report that even comes close to the level of accuracy, detail and clarity of the ProVantage report. The report is e-mailed directly to the client and includes a separate summary table that is designed for cutting and pasting and sharing with other parties such as lawyers and real estate sales people.

Time is of the essence in real estate transactions. You are probably at this page because you require a Toronto area home inspection.

To receive a no-obligation quote for a pre-purchase inspection: Send the property address and your name by email to, or text to 416-320-8863 . Quotes are sent only by email and only based on a specific address.

Keith Tripp is the ProVantage home inspector. An eagle-eyed auditor who has been doing visual inspections of buildings and machinery for about 40 years, he has taken those years of auditing experience and applied them to home inspection. Enthusiastic about leveling the playing field and educating the consumer, he can cut through the hype and confusion of false advertising, staged homes, and misinformation and identify real issues regarding the brick and mortar aspects of your home. He gets excited about finding the good and the bad as a Toronto home inspector and knowing that his clients receive a useful risk assessment of the physical aspects of their home.

 COVID-19 Precautions. These precautions over-ride any lesser precautionary measure in the standard protocol.

The COVID-19 risk is constantly evolving, and the approach to inspections may change with the COVID-19 risk.

I was fortunate to receive my first COVID vaccination on March 30, 2021, and my second vaccination on June 13, 2021.

As at November, 2021 the ProVantage Property Inspection approach is to perform home inspections with the following precautions:

  1. The house must be vacant during the entire inspection time, being the full 4 hours or more. The only people in the house should be the buying client, the buying agent and the inspector.
  2. All attendees, including buyer and buying agent must wear a mask when inside the house.
  3. The inspector will wear a mask when inside the house
  4. The inspector will wear thin work gloves when inside the house.
  5. The inspector will wear indoor slippers or shoes when inside the house.
  6. Our conversation at the inspection will be less than normal.

Since 2007 we have served the entire Greater Toronto Area, providing thorough home inspections for buyers who have conditional offers to purchase in place, warranty inspections for owners of newly built homes, and inspections for homeowners after they have possession.

All inspections are done by Keith Tripp, RHI, C.E.T.


  • Registered Home Inspector (RHI) with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. (OAHI)

  • Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T) with the Ontario Association of Technicians and Technologists (OACETT)


For other types of inspection see:

Pre-Purchase Inspection quote: Information required

New Home Warranty  (Tarion) Inspection quote: Information required

Post-possession Inspection quote: Information required

Quotes can be requested by real estate salespeople, however acceptance of a quote and agreement to terms and conditions can only be done by the client (typically the buyer). This acceptance is required by e mail from the client in order to firm up an inspection appointment. The fastest route to booking an inspection is for the buyer/client to contact ProVantage directly and provide the inspection address.