Send your “virtual inspection” photos to ProVantage Property Inspection Inc.

Send a Photo!

Do you live in the Greater Toronto Area and have a nagging house issue you would like to understand further?

Send photos to and I will give you my opinion. This is a no-charge, no obligation agreement designed to keep us constructively occupied during the pandemic.

Along with the photo(s), provide your name and house address and a description of the issue or concern.

I will respond:

  1. Indicating if the issue is within the scope of a home inspection
  2. Probably ask you to send a few more photos and clarify the issues based on specific questions I send.

Once I feel we agree on what we are looking at, I will provide my opinion on:

  • Description of the defect. This will include limitations on what we can see or not see, and what further information would add to a better understanding of the issue.
  • Risk related to the defect
  • Recommendations for improvement.

Some conditions:

This offer is by no means a home inspection, it is a promotional dialogue intended as a learning experience for both parties. In a full inspection I will take 100 to 200 or more photos and address typically 30 to 50 defects for each home. That is a four hour or more process, plus the report writing time. Please send one issue at a time, and only for your own home.

I may ask permission to add you to my mailing list, and permission to use your photos in my posts. There is no obligation to agree to either of those conditions.


Keith Tripp is a professional home inspector in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.