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DL buying a 12 year old detached house in Richmond Hill. November, 2019

Hi, Mr. T

Thank you again for your excellent work. From this detailed report, I think I can know well about the current situation of the house.The report is very organized and I’ll read through it. If I get any questions, I’ll let you know.   Regards, DL

Sampling of issues found in the inspection: prematurely deteriorated EIFS cladding with inadequate drainage, IPEX pipe named in KITEC lawsuit, non professional electrical work, significant water leakage in furnace, insulation displaced by wind in the attic, missing shingles and roof leakage. deck ledger board attached with nails.


SL buying a 15 yr old house in Markham with a complex addition. November , 2019

Thank you Keith for your insight. I went to the city hall to confirm their permits and it turned out there was never a permit submitted for the (addition)  so we challenged the seller on this….

Sampling of issues found in the inspection: Complex addition with incorrect envelope work ( and no permit!), failure of thermopanes at solarium, garage door prematurely deteriorated, weep holes blocked, non-professional electrical work with steel stud walls.

One year warranty inspection for JP in Oakville, November 2019

Thank you so much Keith!   Your great service and thorough instructions are very impressive and much appreciated. Best regards, J

Sampling of issues found in inspection: attic insulation REALLY low, steel beam not aligned with pilaster, wood column only 2 two by 6s vs. 3 two by 6s on the drawing, weep holes missing and not fullly open, poor ceramic tile installations with lippage, visible cupping of hardwood.

LZ buying a 1970’s house in Mississauga, February 2018

Client feedback: As I said on the first sight, I got a right guy, you are the expert, and I do appreciate what you have done for us.

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Holes in roof, animal activity at roof and attics, concrete slab patio with negative slope, land high around house, rotting deck wood.

March 2018: 30 day warranty inspection in Oakville for PJ

Client feedback: Thanks Keith! We got the whole 30 day list submitted online today with total close to ( ) issues listed.

Really appreciated for your list and pictures which help cover all the critical items.

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Dysfunctional sump system, DWHR output connected to mixing valve, incomplete roofing, poor flashings at EIFS.

January 2018: DT doing a post-possession inspection on a 2008 home in Mississauga.

Client feedback: Thank you very much for the impressive detailed report. I have just read through the whole writing. I am very happy with your profession inspection. I will follow your recommendation to tackle and improve the conditions down the road.  Regards, DT

Sampling of issues found in inspection: poor installation causing overactive sump systems, attic ventilation and insulation, plumbing leaks, inoperative hot water recirculation, non-draining EIFS, failing furnace.

January, 2018: SZ buying a 1970’s detached home in Scarborough.

Client feedback: Your inspection report is very good, it helped my husband and I know the property more, and it helped us make our decision for purchase home. We think you did a good job. For several reasons including the result of inspection we did not take this house. Now we are continuing looking for a house. If our next offer needs do inspection, I will contact you.

Sampling of issues found in inspection: aluminum wire, dangerous electrical panel access, broken roof rafters, walkway high around the house, non-professional drain plumbing, deteriorated masonry chimney.

January, 2018: C & F buying a 1997 townhouse in Brampton,

Client feedback: Hi Keith, I just wanted to thank you for another wonderful service and especially for coming in such short notice. My aunt and my brother was definitely impressed on how well and thorough the inspection went. Once again thank you! Sincerely, JD

Sampling of issues found in inspection: significant brick movement, leaking water heater, deficient return air, mould in attic, defective plumbing fixtures.

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