DG doing a post possession inspection on a 1970s semi in Markham, 2017

Client feedback: Hi Keith, Again, thanks for your very professional work! Your report is very thorough and helpful.  It was great doing business with you. Wish you all the best!

Sampling of issues found in inspection: aluminum wiring, missing floor drain, unprotected electrical wires, very low insulation, shower stall next to gas water heater, floor tiles loose, incorrect drain piping.

GB: 30 day warranty inspection in Aurora, 2017

Client feedback: Thanks Keith! It is always a pleasure to do business with you! Talk to you soon.

Sampling of issues found in inspection: missing thermal expansion tank, column not plumb and not in contact with beam, shingles not adhered, shingles missing, basement window rework inadequate.

L&E: 1 yr warranty inspection in Oakville, 2017

Client feedback: Thanks so much for your professional work and detailed explanation! We did learn a lot from you today!

Sampling of issues found in inspection: seven-foot deep sump basin, incorrect piping at DWHR, missing sealants, missing weep holes, excessive brick projection, loose masonry sills.

JW buying a 13 yr.old house in Barrie, 2016

Client feedback: Thank you so much for coming to Barrie to check the house and send me the summary report so quickly to help me with my decision. I am really impressed by your professionalism and focus in details.

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Old furnace in garage, very active sump, poor grading at backyard, significant deck heaving, exposed electrical connections.


CN buying an 8 yr.-old house in Burlington Private sale, 2016

Client feedback: Thank you so much for your explanation! Looking forward to work with you for all my future purchase! Have a good day at work:)

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Significant brick movement above a foundation crack, mould in basement, animal activity in attic, roof flashings missing.

CY buying a 17 yr. old house in Newmarket, 2016

Client feedback: Hi Keith, Thank you for the detailed home inspection. You are a very good inspector. I  learn(ed) a lot from the inspection. I just read some of the report. It is knowledgeable. If someone need inspection I will recommend you.

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Very low attic insulation. Lots of nonprofessional work including basement electrical  and plumbing and installation of side entrance door.

YL buying a 2007 house in Oakville, 2016

Client feedback: Hi Keith, Great Work! Thank you so much your time and really appreciate your professionalism!  

Sampling of issues found in inspection: White deposits at PEX plumbing connections, expansion tank required, weep holes blocked, nonprofessional electrical in basement.

JW buying a 2 yr old house in Richmond Hill 2016

Client feedback: Hi! Keith, Thank you for the good work! Sure I will communicate with you if I have questions.

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Weep holes absent at stone veneer, EIFS flashing details, failing mortar joints, return air issues.