PL doing a post possession inspection on a year 2000 house in Richmond Hill 2016

Client feedback: Keith,  Thank you so much for the thorough inspection and reports.  And many thanks for the information on water pressure and floor stiffening.

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Foundation cracks and leakage, beam bearing steel missing, high water pressure, joist cut through, ceramic floor tiles breaking and loose.

AC : I-yr. warranty inspection in Aurora, 2016

Client feedback: Hi Keith, We received all the reports and really appreciate your professional work here. ….. Thanks for your opinion and we will take this recommendation and work with Tarion further regarding the crack. I will probably bug you further if I have any questions to consult with you. 

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Significant damage to foundation wall covered up by builder


AT: 1-yr. warranty inspection in Aurora 2016

Client feedback: Thank you Keith,  I just wanted to let you know that I submitted the online documentation, and wanted to thank you for the inspection. You were well recommended to us, and we will definitely recommend you to others.

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Heating system installation incomplete, insufficient attic insulation, expansion tank incorrectly located, significant brick movement.


HW: 1- yr. warranty inspection in Oakville, 2016

Client feedback: Hi Keith, …You did a great job and I will definitely refer you to all my friends! Thank you very much for your help!

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Sump float switch not working, crack with displacement at garage foundation, attic insulation low, return air not functional in some rooms

FZ buying a year 2000 house in Vaughan, 2016

Client feedback: Thanks, Keith, Very good experience working with you. Learned a lot, and good to meet professional! For sure, I will turn to you for help. Have a good day

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Roof is leaking and needs immediate replacement, insufficient attic insulation, significant honeycombing of foundation concrete.

D& S buying a 1980’s bungalow in Brampton, 2016

Client feedback:  Hi Keith, Thanks so much for your excellent work. Blessings

Sampling of issues found in inspection: Damaged skylight, part of roof needs work, nonprofessional plumbing and electrical work, high number of foundation cracks.


WC buying a 2004 house in Oakville, 2015

Client Comment: Thank you very much for the work yesterday. We went through the report, very neat and professional. We will firm up this deal and might come to you in the future if we have questions regarding this house.

Defect Sample: EIFS cladding not draining above window openings, failed thermopane seals, foundation cracks.

Post-possession inspection for HZ on a 1987 Aurora home, 2015

Client Comment: Hi Keith, It was a pleasure meeting with you, and thanks for your professional inspection and educating me yesterday, I appreciate it very much.

Defect Sample: Animal activity and chewed wires in attic, weep holes missing, deteriorated masonry chimney, foundation cracks.

J&S buying a 2001 house in Richmond Hill, 2015

Client Comment: Thank you so much Keith. We really appreciate the report you did.  It looks amazing.  we will follow with the sellers regarding the issues. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends and family members if they need any inspections. Thanks again.

Defect Sample: Attic ventilation, no flow at bathroom exhaust, double trap on drain plumbing, mortar cracks at concrete units

K&R buying a 2008 house in Stouffville, 2015

Client Comment: Again, thank you for your work yesterday. We learned quite a bit, and you’ve helped us make an informed decision on our first home purchase. I will definitely reach out should I have any further questions and will keep you in mind for anyone we know looking for a home inspection.

Defect Sample: Gaps at roofing, significant foundation crack, nonprofessional water heater installation