HW 1 yr. Warranty inspection in Aurora, 2016

Client Comment: >Thank you so much for your awesome work. I will work on it soon and let’s keep in touch.

Defect Sample: Expansion tank incorrectly located, displacement of attic insulation, leaning garage wall, most of the weep holes not fully open

YQ buying a 2008 house in Guelph,2016

Client Comment: Thank you so much Keith! I will go through your report and discuss with my agent.   Thank you again! Wonderful work:)

Defect Sample: Inadequate beam bearing, dangerous electrical circuit, missing shingle sections, roof leakage.

J&L 1 yr. warranty inspection in Oakville, 2016

Client Comment: Thanks a lot Keith. It is of great details and expertise you have provided for the inspection. I will look into the report and keep you posted.

Defect Sample: Missing roof vents, missing exhaust terminal on roof, return air deficiencies, weep holes not fully open, missing roof single sections, gaps and loose panels at exterior cladding, water leakage at furnace.

JZ 30-day warranty inspection in Oakville ,2016

Client Comment: Thank you Keith for the quick report and I will submit today. I may have to bother you for questions and again, appreciate a lot your service!<

Defect Sample: Insufficient attic insulation, deficient return air ductwork, incomplete weep holes, significant foundation crack.