photo of Keith Tripp

Keith Tripp

Keith Tripp is the owner and inspector for ProVantage Property Inspection Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 416-320-8863,

ProVantage has been a preferred choice by discerning buyers in the GTA for over 16 years. Many happy customers, many repeat customers, and many successful inspections are based on Keith’s ability to focus on the needs of the customer. By avoiding gimmicks and upsells that are not in the best interest of the consumer, Keith provides great value for the money.

Understanding who’s-who in the real estate transaction has been a big part of the branding of ProVantage. All residential real estate salespeople in Ontario are paid by the seller, and Keith works for the buyer. Keith has never lost sight of that, even though the path may have been much smoother if he had chosen to give in to the whims of some of the wealthy and influential real estate agents to gain their referral business.

When Keith goes on an inspection he is fishing for defects, and is not satisfied coming away with empty hands. He wants to lay out the full “brick and mortar” risk for the buyer, so when they open their wallets in the future for repairs or upgrades, it is no surprise. Keith’s extensive knowledge enables him to be comfortable focusing on inspecting just the house for many hours, and not being distracted by time-filling gimmicks such as appliance inspections, infrared scanning or any added upsells or referrals. Typically, there are 30-50 defects or risk factors identified for every house. Defects are ranked by priority, to enable separating the big risk and high cost items from the lesser. If the house is truly good, meaning it has an unusually low number of defects, he will tell you that.

Keith thrives on the physical aspects of the inspection, being much more comfortable at the top of a 32ft. ladder than being within 50 ft. of an Apple Store. He does whatever it takes to safely inspect roofs and attics, crawl spaces and other hard to reach components. Working virtually non-stop for three to four hours is the norm for the typical inspection. Inspections on larger or more complex house can take 5 to 6 hours or more.

Keith has pushed the envelope for his personal training and development in the home inspection field. After 25 years experience in production and facility management in large manufacturing operations, he completed the basic home inspector training through Humber College in 2006 and subsequently received the RHI designation. In 2014-2016 he completed the rigorous University of Toronto Building Science certificate program and added the BSS designation to his credentials. As a member of multiple professional associations, he is constantly “in school” to meet their requirements and to keep up with the rapidly changing world of construction materials, techniques, and codes.