Process for receiving a quote and booking a pre-purchase inspection.


This is based on a typical buyer’s pre-purchase inspection. For Warranty or post-purchase inspections, the process is less cumbersome.

Client: Send an email to with the address of the property and preferred date(s) for the inspection. The client’s name and email address is required for sending the quote.

ProVantage will review the property descriptions available on the internet, and send a price quote, time estimate, and recommended start times for the inspection. Recommended start times are typically based on seasonal weather and daylight, and may also take into account anticipated travel times of all parties.

Client: To reserve an inspection time slot, confirm acceptance of the cost and terms, and tell ProVantage your preferred date and time of the inspection

Client: Ask the real estate salesperson to book the inspection, allowing ample time. In transactions using real estate salespeople, typically the buying salesperson will work with the selling salesperson’s real estate office to book the inspection. In private sales or other circumstances, the buyer may have to work directly with the seller to agree on the inspection time.

ProVantage: We will hold the time slot for you while you await confirmation of the inspection booking from the selling parties.

Client: Inform ProVantage when the inspection appointment is confirmed. Provide ProVantage with full name (s) to be used on the inspection contract, and a telephone number for the day of the inspection.

ProVantage will send a confirmation email with the contract document and other information for review.

That’s it, we’re ready to roll. I look forward to meeting you at the inspection!