Quotes and Pricing General Information

What’s in the price for 2022 ?

Prices quoted include the physical inspection, all related travel and other expenses, and the electronic report. Also included, for the paying client only, is all of the knowledge of the inspector to answer your questions and provide explanations during the inspection. After the inspection, questions from the paying client can be sent to the inspector by email, for any period of time. The services of the inspector, including explanations and answering questions during the inspection, are NOT available to any of the salespeople or any of the selling parties.

There are no fees beyond the quoted price, and ProVantage does not sell any other services or promote companies. The price is firm as quoted. It is not intended as the starting point of a negotiation. ProVantage has NEVER reduced a price from the initial quoted price, so rest assured that the pricing is consistent, and your friends and neighbours are paying the same price.

Payment is by cash or personal cheque or e-transfer and is due at the location and time of the inspection.

How is price determined?

In simple terms, the price is based on a time estimate of the combined service of inspecting and reporting. Unless you are informed otherwise, there is no factor in the price for travel. The same house in Oakville or Oshawa will have the same price. Based on many hundreds of inspections of all sizes and ages of homes, price is based on the description of the house. Some of the pricing factors are a) number of bathrooms, b) age c) renovations or additions d) square footage e) style of home.

How to receive a quote?

Quotes are provided by e mail only, and are based on a specific address.  Send the relevant info by email and a quote will be sent along with documents explaining the scope of the inspection.