New Home Warranty (Tarion) Inspection quote: Information Required

  • Thank you for requesting information on ProVantage new home inspections for 2022.


    ProVantage offers a customized report format for warranty inspections for 30 days, 1 year, or two year “Tarion warranty” inspections.


    The website contains a wealth of information on the warranty coverage, repair timelines, and instructions on how to submit the Tarion issues. The Tarion “Construction Performance Guidelines” document available at the website describes some of the more common defects.


    The following questions are designed to help you understand the nature of the inspection, and to determine limitations and pricing for the inspection. Please provide as much information as you can.



  • Phone number for contact on day of the inspection if required

    Possession date (for start of warranty coverage date).


    Approximate square footage of the house:


    Type of house: semi-detached, detached, attached:


    Number of floors: i.e. basement plus one, basement plus two, basement plus three



  • Exterior: The exterior inspection is extremely important on new homes. This is where some of the higher cost and more difficult to fix issues are found. New homes are often surrounded by active construction zones, and sometimes access to some sides of the home on the exterior is blocked off by the construction company while they work on other houses.


  • Are all sides of the house accessible on the exterior?


  • Is the landscaping complete, or is it mud?


  • What type of exterior finish is on the house: brick, vinyl siding, “stucco”, or other?


    Roof: A ladder will be used at the roof edge to get a close-up look at the roof wherever it is safe to do so. The inspection by ladder is limited to two storeys above ground. Where ladder access is not feasible, the roof will be inspected from ground level using binoculars.


  • How many storeys above ground are there at a) the front of the house          b) the rear of the house.


  • Attic: The attic will be inspected for insulation depth and condition of roof structure.


  • How many attic access hatches are there in the house?


    Bathrooms: Bathrooms are inspected for workmanship and visible defects. Often the new bathrooms have seen very little or no use at time of inspection so issues may arise later resulting from use.


  • Number of bathrooms with shower or bath:


  • Number of part bathrooms with no shower or bath:


    Garage: The garage will be inspected.


  • Type of garage:  Attached or detached:


  • Number of overhead garage doors (for car entry):  One, Two, Three or more



  • Does the house have a sump system? (sump pump)


    Full inspection with customized warranty report.  Pricing is dependent on house size and features.

    The inspection is a full inspection to OAHI& CAHPI standards. The inspection does not include identifying interior cosmetic defects such as paint or hardwood surface scratches and dents.  The report is customized to meet the requirements of the Tarion warranty process and forms.

    As Tarion is encouraging on-line submission of forms, you will receive a typed draft list of issues that is consistent with the Tarion on-line reporting format.

    The report includes photographs of selected defects, focused on those defects that are not easily visible or evident to most homeowners. These photos are sent on a collated pdf and can be copied and pasted in to the Tarion on-line submission.

    Typical inspection time 3-4 hours or more. Reports are sent by e mail, typically a few days after the inspection.